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Teachers - Frenz
You Use It Or You Lose It - Frenz
Vampire Song, The - Venetian Princess
You Get What You Need - Dave Lippman
Sgt. Pepper Spray and Heads Clubbed Band - Dave Lippman
Alberta Tarbillies - Dave Lippman
In The Hummertime - Dave Lippman
Nintendohemian Rhapsody - Pat the NES Punk feat. brentalfloss
I Have a Cold - Mac Lethal
Peddler: A Half-Assed Translation, The - Kobi LaCroix
Pandarendansen - DJ Particle
Tonight's The Night (We Interface) - The Consortium of Genius
Cupcakes - Devo Spice
Who's The Pusher Now? - Ellen Bukstel
Halloween Song, The - Max DeGroot
I Don’t Matter - Worm Quartet feat. Chris Mezzolesta
Loki - Below Average Dave
Before He Speaks - Steve Goodie
Mrs. Particle and Mrs. Velocity - Monty Python
Headmaster-Dead School Boy - Monty Python
Leg Amputation - Monty Python
Re-assuring You About the Doctor - Monty Python
Freelance Undertaker - Monty Python
Acronyms - Monty Python
Hi-Fi Shop - Monty Python
He Who Raps - Schaffer the Darklord
Satan - Below Average Dave
A Mask of My Own Face - Lemon Demon
Eton Style - Rather Rum
Minecraft Style - Tryhardninja and the Creepers
Lo Pan Style - Wekejay feat. James Hong
Binders Full of Women - Bob Rivers
We'll Forever Ever Always Be Together - Key of Awesome, The
Spider-Ham - Insane Ian
Eduardo O'Lantern - TV's Kyle
Duck Face - Derwood Bowen
Nobody to Vote - Steve Goodie
Assassin's Creed - Insane Ian feat. the Stacey
Fishfucker - Nuclear Bubble Wrap
Lizards in the Sky - Nuclear Bubble Wrap
Great Lakes Avengers Theme, The - Insane Ian
Batman - Insane Ian
Coco Crisp - David Tanny
Pandaria - Dani the Girl
Who Will See Your Skillz - PvPGurl Gigi feat. Letomi
Doctor Who: The Musical - AVbyte
Let's Go Back - Nikki "2K" Muller
Hurricane Sandy - Todd Chappelle
Hurricane Sandy - Squire Hogg
Watch Your Language - Insane Ian
Mad Music Top 20 Revenge, Episode 12-44, November 2, 2012
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