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A Hole In One - Pure & Simple
Bob Dylan Sings The Theme of Charles in Charge - Jimmy Fallon
Bouncy Upbeat Song - Mystery Science Theater 3000
Auctioneer, The - Chuck Miller
Nervous Auctioneer, The - Robin Wilson
You Forgot It Was Valentine's Day - Zooey Deschanel
Drunks Inc. - Morey Amsterdam
Electric Tan - Pitz & Shrimp
Texting - Fanny Alger
Hot Nuts - Lil Johnson
Hello Voters - Paul Aldrich
If You Wanna Rock at Quidditch - 8th Horcrux, The
I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter - Paul McCartney
I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts - Mel Blanc w/ Billy May & His Orchestra
Michael Jackson on Glee - Key of Awesome
Mid-Life Crisis (And I Know It) - Peter Coffin
Mother Load, The - Steve Goodie featuring Jenny Casey
Oh 'Bama - Benton Olde
Penguins are Disgusting - Chris Waffle Experience, The
Pokemon! - Screen Team Show
- - David Seville
Smells Like Teen Spirit - Muppets Barbershop Quartet, The
Stupid Hair - Greyfoo Doomhammer
Anti-Elf Anthem, The - Oxhorn
One Eye Love, The - Heywood Banks
Site is Down, The - Max DeGroot
Umpire Strikes Out, The - Marc Bird
Wilted Lettuce Orgy - Steve Lyon The Doctor
Bars - Beery Newman & Pubway Army
Tree Frog - Moondog
Unisex Stereo - Stevens & Grdnic
Verizon 4G LTE - Saturday Night Live
What Made Milwaukee Famous - Pork & The Havana Ducks
Where's The Beef? - Ruth Buzzi
Obama 'United States of Tomorrow' - Paul Shanklin
So-Great Debate of 2012, The - Johnny Lurg
Sorry - Chunky A
Science is Real - They Might Be Giants
Song Of The Woodpecker - Billy Mitchell
Rock Me Jerry Lewis - Tri-Five featuring Mike Elliott & Bud Latour
Thor The Purple Squirrel From Jersey Shore - Jack Servello
Gonna Buy Me a Dog - Monkees, The
Study Hard Anthem - GZee Productions
Moves Like Jabba - Break Media
Poisoning Pigeons In The Park - Tom Lehrer
Zilch - Monkees, The
Zorch - David Tanny
Transfusion - Nervous Norvus
Sunday Driving - Jerry Lewis w/ Billy May and His Orchestra
Phone Company, The - Stevens & Grdnic
Bitchin' Camaro - Dead Milkmen, The
They're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa! - Napoleon XIV
T.V. Queens - Hyestan Blojovan featuring Buster Cherry and The Pickers
Queen Of Pop - Gonnabes, The
Starr Mopp Warrs - David Tanny
I Got A Small Thing - Killer Spam
Jeremy Lin - Jimmy Fallon
Jeremy Lin - Lauren Francesca
Spaz Attack - 2nu
Take My Wife...Please! - Henny Youngman
I Still Get Demented Mar 10 2012 #12-10
Topic: New, New To You, and Requests


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