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Revenge of the Particle - December 31, 2010
Topic: Show 332

CELEBRITY SKYPE - Anthony "A-Log" LoGatto

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Part 1
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I'm Undead  [first known play]Ember Isolte
In Different Ways  [first known play]Jon Lajoie
Hot Bra Cones  [first known play]Judy Tenuta
So Long To Ya, 2010  [first known play]
  • Star Wars Christmas
  • Sci-Fried feat. Marc With a C
  • Jock Itch (2010 Extra Sore Mix)
  •   [first known play]
    Below Average Dave
  • Santa Tried to Do Me
  •   [first known play]
    The Swill Man
  • -
  • Felt Up For Christmas
  •   [first known play]
    Lee Seitz
  • Santa is an Aging Hippy!
  •   [only known play]
  • Half-Assed Rapper
  •   [first known play]
    Devo Spice
    Felicia Day  [first known play]Shawn Tutt
    The Tron HISHE Rap  [only known play]How It Should Have Ended
    Black Eyed Pee  [first known play]The Key of Awesome
    A Special Kind of Love  [first known play]Kobi LaCroix
    Kezan Anthem  [only known play]PVPSiennah
    There Is No Dana, Only ZuulRaymond & Scum
    Enormous Pingas  [first known play]Anthony "A-Log" LoGatto vs. Da Vinci's Notebook vs. Dr. Robotnik
    Pizza DayAquabats
    El Trago (The Drink)2 in a Room
  • Bad Bromance
  • Shane Dawson
  • Telephone (Dude's Version)
  • Shane Dawson
    VerucaSteve Goodie
    Dead BugDavid Tanny
    Building SteamAbney Park
  • O Tanning Bed
  • Max DeGroot
  • Wasted on the Sleigh
  • Robert Lund &
  • So Long To Ya, 2010
  •   [first known play]
  • Christmas At McDonald's
  •   [first known play]
    Max DeGroot
  • Chimney Damage/All That and a Bag of Pistachios
  • Moneyshot Cosmonauts
    I'm On It (Wikipedia)Sudden Death feat. Rob Balder, Luke Ski, Worm Quartet, Carrie Dahlby
    Tourette's SyndromeNib Oswald Brattoni
    Toothless People"Weird Al" Yankovic
    CookieBlank Chips Ahoy
    From the AirLaurie Anderson
    DeteriorataNational Lampoon
    Next week: Show 333 - Dr. Demento's Funny 50-26 of 2010


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    Messages about the show: "Revenge of the Particle - December 31, 2010"

    ironmyjeans   Offline  -  Member  -  01-01-11 12:08 AM  -  10 years ago
    Good mix of songs DJ
    EclecticLee   Offline  -  Member  -  01-21-11 11:50 AM  -  10 years ago
    You played my song! And you pronounced my name right! Thanks!
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