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The Dr. Demento Show (live on KMET) - September 9, 1973
Topic: Overnight Sensation, rediscovered Napoleon XIV songs

Note: THE SUGAR BLUES by Clyde McCoy was used as the opening theme song & BEER BARREL POLKA was used as the ending theme song Notes by Tim Ryan (tpr) of Ann Arbor, MI. July, 2002, when the air date was finally determined. Original archivist unknown. From KMET Los Angeles, California (94.7FM) This show ran from 6:00pm to 10:00pm.

This show has 18 parts:

Audio for this show has been disabled at the request of Dr. Demento. Visit to listen.

Part 1
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  • Dirty Love (from 'Overnight Sensation' album, to be released in a few days.)  [first known play]The Mothers of Invention
    And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine  [only known play]Stan Kenton
    I Get A Kick Out Of You  [first known play]Ethel Merman
    ChloeSpike Jones & His City Slickers
    ***** Things Are Happening (flip-side of the original 45 of Davey's Dingy)  [only known play]Ruth Wallis
    Part 2
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  • Daffy Duck's Rhapsody (from the collection of Jim Sturgen)  [first known play]Mel Blanc
    Rubber Duckie  [first known play]Ernie (Jim Henson, from Sesame Street)
    The Dying Duck In A Thunderstorm  [first known play]Cactus Pryor & His Pricklypears
    My Melancholy Baby  [only known play]Gene Austin
    Part 3
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  • Johnny Has A Yo-Yo  [first known play]Ruth Wallis
    Yo Yo Blues  [only known play]Barbecue Bob
    The New Yoyo Song  [only known play]Ruth Wallis
    Part 4
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  • What It Was, Was Football  [first known play]Andy Griffith
    Wyatt Earp Makes Me Burp  [first known play]Spike Jones
    The Grunt SongCliffie Stone & His Orchestra
    Part 5
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  • Eisenhower Blues (Last day of the Nixon prize freeze on beef - can't find beefy songs, here is a once banned political song)  [only known play]J.B. Lenoir
    We'll Ride With Nixon  [first known play]The Pied Pipers
    I Like Stinky Cheese  [first known play]Two-Ton Baker
    But Oh, Could Hilda Cook!  [only known play]Ben Light
    Cookies, Pie and Cake  [first known play]Yogi Yorgesson
    Off To The Moon You Go  [only known play]Ray Wray
    Part 6
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  • Go West, Young Man  [first known play]Bing Crosby & Groucho Marx
    Can You Dig It?  [first known play]Jerry Samuels
    Three Blind Mice  [first known play]Napoleon XIV
    Goofin' On The Job  [first known play]Napoleon XIV
    I Owe A Lot To Iowa Pot  [first known play]Jerry Samuels (Napoleon XIV)
    A Teenager In Love  [first known play]Jerry Samuels & Uncle Geoff Cooper
    Part 7
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  • I’m Lookin’ Over My Dead Dog Rover  [only known play]Kevin Gershon
    There Is A Tavern In The Town  [first known play]Wally Cox
    The Coffee Song  [first known play]The Andrews Sisters
    Tacos For Two  [first known play]Lalo Guerrero
    Part 8
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  • The Woodpecker Song  [first known play]Billy Mitchell
    Poisoning Pigeons In The Park  [first known play]Tom Lehrer
    Delicious!Jim Backus & Friend
    I'm In Love With A Big Blue Frog [skip in record]  [first known play]Peter, Paul & Mary
    Part 10
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  • What, Me Worry?  [first known play]Alfred E. Neuman & His Furshlugginer Five
    I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly  [first known play]Bill Hayes
    Dead Skunk  [first known play]Loudon Wainwright III
    The Cockroach Stomp  [first known play]Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan
    Part 12
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  • The Martian Hop  [first known play]The Ran-Dells
    The Wind And The Rain In Your Hair  [first known play]B. Shaw & Bruce Hayes
    Breaking Into Radio Horizontally  [first known play]
    You Have To Be Slightly Crazy To Be On The Radio  [first known play]Ray Bolger & Verna Felton
    I'm The Slime  [first known play]The Mothers of Invention
    Part 14
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  • 20th Century Blues  [first known play]Lily Tomlin
    #10Knockers Up!  [first known play]Rusty Warren
    #9Bounce Your BoobiesRusty Warren
    Part 15
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  • #8March Of The Cuckoos (Back to using their orginal name)  [first known play]The Roto Rooter Good Time Christmas Band
    #7The Vatican RagTom Lehrer
    #6Sahra Cynthia Sylvia Stout Would Not Take The Garbage OutShel Silverstein
    Part 16
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  • Donald Where's Your Troosers? (Top Ten Extra)  [first known play]Andy Stewart
    Je T'Aime...Moi Non Plus (Top Ten Extra)  [first known play]Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg
    Part 17
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  • #5Friendly Neighborhood Narco Agent First Top 10 appearance (after 10 to 12 weeks on the show)), On the 'Can't Bust Them' label  [first known play]Jef Jaisun
    #4They're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!Napoleon XIV (Jerry Samuels)
    #3Boobs A LotThe Holy Modal Rounders
    Wet Dream (Top Ten Extra)Max Romeo
    Part 18
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  • #2Shaving CreamPaul Wynn (Benny Bell & Phil Winston)
    #1Fat Dog Blues  [first known play]The Oil And Vinegaroons


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    Messages about the show: "The Dr. Demento Show (live on KMET) - September 9, 1973"

    johnph46   Offline  -  Donator  -  07-15-07 08:13 AM  -  14 years ago
    I noticed a couple of errors in the playlist for this show.

    The last song in Hour 2, Segment 4 is "I'm In love With A Big Blue Frog" by Peter, Paul & Mary.

    And the song "I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly" in Hour 3, Segment 2 is sung by Bill Hayes.
    Edwin1   Offline  -  Participant, MP3  -  12-01-11 01:41 AM  -  9 years ago
    The corrections have been made! Sorry it took so long!
    More corrections will follow if found!
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