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The Kahn Man's comedy Corner Episode 2-10

This show has 2 parts:

Part 1
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Episode #108 - Obligatory Flashback Episode!  [only known play]The Radio Adventures of Doctor Floyd
Episode #108.5 - Screaming Through Time And Space!  [only known play]The Radio Adventures of Doctor Floyd
George Lucas Raped Our Childhood  [first known play]Hot Waffles
I Don't Dance  [first known play]Raymond & Scum
N.R.L. (Nursery Rhyme Lawyer Song)Throwing Toasters
Things I'd Do 4 UThrowing Toasters
Brenda (Debbie)  [only known play]Throwing Toasters
GirlfriendHenry Phillips
On The Shoulders of FreaksHenry Phillips
He's Got CokeRob Paravonian
Don't Blow Up Your SchoolRob Paravonian
The Best of The Demented News #26  [first known play]Whimsical Will
Episode #109 - Wind Beneath My Wings!  [only known play]The Radio Adventures of Doctor Floyd
I Wanna Dance  [only known play]The Four Postmen
Iv'e Got A Tan  [only known play]The Four Postmen
Four Years Of High School SpanishThe Four Postmen
The Underwear SongThe Four Postmen
Red Hot Rap  [only known play]The Four Postmen
Party In My PantsBarnes & Barnes
Touch YourselfBarnes & Barnes
The Vomit SongBarnes & Barnes
Pineapple PrincessBarnes & Barnes
Knitting SongMary Mack
Rage Against The MundaneTony Goldmark
Patient 2946065Carla Ulbrich
DumbledoreSteve Goodie
Goblet Of Fire  [first known play]Steve Goodie
-Steve Goodie
A Complicated Song"Weird Al" Yankovic
The Ballad Of William RobinsonBill Mumy
C Is For CookieSesame Street
The Devil Went To JamaicaTravis Meyer
Part 2

Listing added by:  The Kahn Man

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Messages about the show: "The Kahn Man's comedy Corner Episode 2-10"

The Kahn Man   Offline  -  Artist & D.J.  -  12-29-09 08:25 PM  -  11 years ago
This Playlist is not Finished. Will Finish it tomorrow with another episode.
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