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Long Beach, CA
United States
Last Login: December 21, 2008
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Member Since: Friday, September 28, 2007
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General Bowling (I'm OK, but not as good as my teammate jammin DIA), been bowling my entire life. Also play golf (worse than my bowling). Work as a Realtor in Long Beach and Orange Co., California. Wanna buy or sell a house?
Music Went to high school (Lynwood, CA), one of my classmates was one Alfred Yankovic. Check out his message from my '73-'74 yearbook in the photo section. Big fan of Dr. Demento and KMET in the '70's. Still a huge music fan, from Beatles to Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Dylan, Randy Newman, the Stones, etc. More recently Phish, Dave Matthews, Widespread Panic, moe., BNL, O.A.R., Jack Johnson, Ben Harper. Try to stay current, go to a lot of shows still! And of course Weird Al, saw him in the OC last summer!
Movies Dances With Wolves, The Wild Bunch, Almost Famous, The Godfather saga, most Woody Allen...
Television 24, reality stuff like Survivor, Amazing Race, Top Chef. From back in the day: Get Smart, 70's-80's Saturday Night Live, LA Law.
Books My son is a chef, so I have been reading a few of the Anthony Bourdain books, The Nasty Bits, Kitchen Confidential, they make me laugh out loud. Also HEAT by Bill Buford, Bob Dylan "Chronicles."
Heroes Mom & Dad, my boys
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