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Life In A Blender
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Life in a Blender (Lifeinablender)
he New Yorker, Sept 26th says: Life in a Blender is a long-running Brooklyn institution specializing in quirkily heartfelt pop that is both surreal and thought-provoking. Lately, the lead singer Don Rauf’s endearingly absurdist musings come augmented with lush arrangements. Though rife with oddness, the band’s work hides moments of poignancy and introspection amidst the laughs. Its album “The Heart Is a Small Balloon” came out early last year. "The Heart Is A Small Balloon" is the Album of the Year: Thank you George Graham at WVIA for putting us on your Best of 2007 list. Thank you David Wechsler for putting us on your Best of 2007 list and naming "Rope to the Water" a best song of the year. Thank you Brooklyn Paper for saying that Life in a Blender gave the "best concert of the year." Get the new freakin' album: , "The Heart Is A Small Balloon" on Fang Records ( ) and the T-shirt (pictured above--drop me a line if interested.) The critics rave with insanity bordering on dementia: "The band’s new album, “The Heart Is a Small Balloon,” is rife with Ralph’s signature wit, but it is also a richly reflective affair that exudes a poignancy and maturity one might not expect from a group whose leader once sang “Stairway to Heaven” on the street and in his underwear." --The New Yorker "Rich and complex, wry and witty, done with a great deal of astonishing stylistic panache and consummate musicianship, this album sparkles with a verve and melodicism that’s a true startling wonder to hear. The incredible howled anguished vocals, the wickedly funny bitter humor of the pungent lyrics, the sprightly tunefulness of the gorgeously intricate harmonic arrangements, the inspired use of stirring weeping strings, the sense of underlying resigned humanity lurking behind the prevalent sardonic sensibility – all are 100% on the money excellent and impressive. A terrifically dark and despairing work of beautifully bleak and burnt-out oddball art." -- Joe Wawyrzniak, Jersey Beat "The band's orchestrated music is a covert beauty....Titled "The Heart Is A Small Balloon," the album is packed with cleverly disturbing lyrics and askew event worth cheering."--Jim Farber, The New York Daily News "I've heard nothing like it. It is complex, rich, surprising, sweet, cheats at nothing, utterly mind-blowing....I SO appreciate the abandon in every aspect of it, fusing form and content. Everyone is playing their hearts out." --Anne Scatto "A hot steaming melting pot of unique creations and unexpected twists. The sound always sticks to the "true" underground ethic. I'm totally blown away. A record to keep forever and listen to..ah yes...forever!! Life in a Blender, a band that proves is is possible to keep pushing the boundaries of music. If you're interested in the adventure of music and only want to buy one record this year, buy this one."--Lord Litter, DJ, Germany- Lifeinablender


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