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A Halo Called Fred
Contact: E-Mail (Captain Wayne) 
Date Born/Group Began:
Date Died/Group Ended:
Also Known As:

 Songs (Hat) (Hat) (Original Demo Track)!_You_Know_What_We_Didn't_D.mp3 (Oh! You Know What We Didn't Do? What? "Essence Of Comedy." Duh!) 15 Feet 00 Inches (4 Feet 33 Inches Extended Dance Mix)'s_Clothes.mp3 70's Clothes A Pitiful Song A Wanna Be Your Nose Aliens (Zamboni Mix)'s_Chart.mp3 Bernie's Chart Blymy the Pirate Brain Brain (Original Demo Track) Bugs!.mp3 Butt! Change Of My Mind Chicken Boy Chicken Boy (Radio Edit) Clown Nose Damaged Damaged (Original Demo Track) Dead Guy Dig Dr. Dog Elephant Song (Original Demo Track), The Essence of Comedy, The Fire Alarm Fraggle Fragment Fred Fred (Original Demo Track)'t_My_Friend_So_I_Kille.mp3 He Wasn't My Friend So I Killed Him (Original Demo Track) Heinously Inconsiderate Hoochless Torso Hub City Spoke Repair Hugs Are Better Than Drugs Hugs Are Better Than Drugs (Original Demo Track) Hypothetical Twist't_Wanna_It'll_Hurt.mp3 I Don't Wanna It'll Hurt't_Wanna_It'll_Hurt_(Orig.mp3 I Don't Wanna It'll Hurt (Original Demo Track) I Found Me a Rubber ***** in a Truck Stop in Vegas'll_Go_Back_There.mp3 I Think I'll Go Back There'll_Go_Back_There_(Ra.mp3 I Think I'll Go Back There (Radio Edit) In My Dreams Joke Song Kill Kill Kill (Original Demo Track) Kind of Bean, The La La La La La (Original Demo Track) Lollipop Love Stinks May Day (Original Demo Track) Mexican Love Song or Love Song For (insert your name here) Minuet in F Minuet in F (Radio Edit) Mr. Fucky-f**k Face Mr. Hooper My Name Is Satan Nekkid Hoedown Normalize It Obsequious Ode To Steve Please Stop Kicking My Head Pretty Flower Ralphquest Rock Me Amadeus's_Lullaby.mp3 Satan's Lullaby Save the Toads Schmuck Sensitive Stomping On Your Christmas Cheer Suck My Haircut (Original Demo Track)'s_Shining_Rays_Of_Love.mp3 Sun's Shining Rays Of Love Symphony Number 9 Thwacking Simon Against The Floor (Original Demo Track) Tuna Is A Ugly Fish Twist & Shout Y Chromosome Zoom Zebbatab Zoom Zebbatab (Radio Edit)
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Messages about the artist: "A Halo Called Fred"

Marcus Tee   Offline  -  Participant & Donator  -  10-07-06 08:06 PM  -  14 years ago
Here's another song called "Butt!"
artpaul   Offline  -  Artist  -  04-10-08 11:23 AM  -  13 years ago
Thanks !
Stavro Arrgolus   Offline  -  Editor, MP3  -  04-10-08 12:12 PM  -  13 years ago
Quite right. Done.
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