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Caldwell County Convict Chorus
Date Born/Group Began: 1987 (band guy) 
Date Died/Group Ended:
Also Known As:
"Dr. " Johnny Damarell (piano/keyboards/vocals) From: 1988 (band guy)
Brenda Phillips (vocals) From: 1987 To: present (band guy)
Brent "Woody" Wooden (drums/percussion/vocals) From: 1987 To: present (band guy)
Brian Olson (vocals) From: 1988 To: present (band guy)
Charles "Chuck" Bills (harp/vocals) From: 2011 To: present (band guy)
Dave Hughes (vocals) From: 2014 (band guy)
Jerald "J.T." Tolen (harp/engineering) From: 1987 To: present (band guy)
Joe Willie Mallory (drums/percussion/vocals) From: 2011 To: present (band guy)
Jon C Foreman (guitars/bass guitar/mandolin/vocals) From: 1987 To: present (band guy)
Marty "Zero" McIntosh (banjo/dobro/acoustic guitar/vocals) From: 1988 To: present (band guy)
Marvin "Buster" Gregg (drums/percussion) From: 1988 (band guy)
Matt Gatson (engineer/vocals) From: 2011 (band guy)
Matt Gordon (guitars/vocals) From: 1987 (band guy)
Melinda Verjan Lopez (vocals) From: 1988 (band guy)
Melissa Gaunt (vocals) From: 2015 (band guy)
Norman Ray Mallory (bass guitar/acoustic guitar/vocals) From: 1987 To: present (band guy)
Pete "Mad Dog" Estes (guitars/vocals) From: 1987 (band guy)
Richard G. "Rich" Anderson (vocals) From: 2011 (band guy)
Rick Phillips (drums/percussion/vocals) From: 1987 (band guy)
Sondra Gaunt (accordion/ vocals) From: 2011 (band guy)
Tanner Olson (vocals) From: 2011 (band guy)
The Caldwell County Convict Chorus is a group of part time musicians based out of Northwest Missouri (Caldwell County, of course) who have recorded comedy music off and on together since 1987. ()

Artist Images:
Caldwell County Convict Chorus old dawg (2).jpg

(band guy)

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