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Disc: 1 1 Fight Fiercely, Harvard 2 Lobachevsky 3 The Irish Ballad 4 When You Are Old And Gray 5 Be Prepared 6 The Elements
  7 We Will All Go Together When We Go 8 National Brotherhood Week 9 Pollution 10 So Long, Mom (A Song For World War III) 11 New Math's_Next_(live).mp3 12 Who's Next? 13 Smut 14 Wernher von Braun 15 The Vatican Rag 16 I Got It From Agnes's_Mathematics.mp3 17 That's Mathematics 18 L-Y 18 L-Y 19 Silent E 19 Silent E 20 O-U (The Hound Song) 21 S-N (Snore, Sniff, And Sneeze) 22 N Apostrophe T 23 Selling Out 24 (I'm Spending) Hanukkah In Santa Monica 25 Poisoning Pigeons In The Park 26 The Masochism Tango

Disc: 2 1 National Brotherhood Week (VIDEO Live in Oslo, 1967) 2 When You Are Old And Gray (VIDEO Live in Oslo, 1967) 3 MLF Lullaby (VIDEO Live in Oslo, 1967) 4 Poisoning Pigeons In The Park (VIDEO Live in Oslo, 1967) 5 So Long Mom (A Song for World War III)(VIDEO Live in Oslo, 1967) 6 Pollution (VIDEO Live in Oslo, 1967) 7 The Masochism Tango (VIDEO Live in Oslo, 1967) 8 Send The Marines (VIDEO Live in Oslo, 1967) 9 Who's Next? (VIDEO Live in Oslo, 1967) 10 Wernher von Braun (VIDEO Live in Oslo, 1967) 11 The Vatican Rag (VIDEO Live in Oslo, 1967) 12 We Will All Go Together When We Go (VIDEO Live in Oslo, 1967)
  13 I Got It From Agnes (1980) (VIDEO-Bonus Track Live in Oslo, 1967)
  14 Poisoning Pigeons In The Park (1998)(VIDEO-Bonus Track Live in Oslo, 1967)
  15 Four animated clips from The Electric Company:1) L-Y2) Silent E 3) O-U (The Hound Song)4) S-N (Snore, Sniff, And Sneeze)(VIDEO-Bonus Track Live in Oslo, 1967)
  16 The Derivative Song (1997)(VIDEO-Bonus Track Live in Oslo, 1967)
  17 That's Mathematics (1997)(VIDEO-Bonus Track Live in Oslo, 1967)

Tom Lehrer Collection (CD/DVD), The

By: Tom Lehrer




YearTypeLabelCatalog # 
2010CDShout Factory!(Stavro Arrgolus)
2010VideoShout Factory!(Stavro Arrgolus)


Messages about the album: "Tom Lehrer Collection (CD/DVD), The"

Tim P. Ryan   Offline  -  Participant, MP3  -  04-23-10 01:33 PM  -  11 years ago
Audio digitally extracted from the Live in Oslo, 1967 video DVD have been added (tracks 1-12). All tracks include the narrative, so song alone time could be less than posted duration.
Please connect song pages to this album.
Stavro Arrgolus   Offline  -  Editor, MP3  -  04-23-10 03:03 PM  -  11 years ago
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