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Occupation: Foole

By: George Carlin


"I understand your son's a 'foole', Mrs. Carlin."

"America's fastest rising young foole."
Stavro Arrgolus 
When asked in the January 1982 issue of Playboy if any of his albums had been done during a heavy cocaine period, Carlin said, "The Class Clown album was done totally sober. I'd realized what a hell I'd made for myself and I cleaned up completely for three months. You can hear the clarity of my thinking and of my speech on that album. But by the next one, Occupation: Foole, I was right back into the trip again. I'm more frantic, more breathless. You can hear how sick I am. If you want to see a cokehead, just look at the pictures on the Occupation: Foole album. The angles of my body show you an awful lot. I started doing coke to feel open, but by that time, the hole had opened so wide that I'd fallen through. The body language in those photos tells you everything." Wikipedia

Though the "Little David" Carlin albums are known far and wide for being very counterculture and "dirty", many were anything but. People forget that the majority of the routines had little or no profanity- especially earlier on- and also had the seemingly counterintuitive and almost 'old fashioned' habit of confining the bits with all the so-called "bad words" ("Seven Words...", "Filthy Words") to the very end of the album. Though to introduce his 'new style' and discern it from his pedestrian '60s work, Carlin put the routine "Shoot", which was about profanity and drug culture, at the beginning of the "FM & AM" album. Fortunately, this practice of making a single 'very dirty' routine as a novelty and then confining it to one place on an album ends with the "Occupation: Foole" LP. The 'naughty words' are spread around the albums much more evenly from here on out.

Like "Class Clown", this is a heavily introspective album, reflecting on his youth in New York and focusing here more on race than religion, but its final bits are more topically generalized and better reflect the observational style of his later "Little David" albums.
Stavro Arrgolus 


YearTypeLabelCatalog # 
1973LPERAE-600(Captain Wayne)
1973LPLittle DavidLD 1005(Stavro Arrgolus)
1990CSAtlantic1005(Captain Wayne)
1990CSLittle DavidCS-1005(Captain Wayne)
2000CDAtlantic / Wea92925(Spacecat)


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