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Yes Parking Anytime

By: David Tanny


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It's David Tanny's first professionally-manufactured CD (it even has a bar code!)davidtanny 

This is the first Best of David Tanny comedy, novelty, and dementia song and sketch collection CD. Seven new remixes of old songs and some new material are also included.

Beginning in 1998, Tanny has created memorable dementia songs heard on podcasts and Internet radio streams as well as a few terrestrial radio stations.

This is the first of many David Tanny CD compilations full of original songs and parodies. It's a totally demented CD!

Some of the places Tanny has been heard include Friggin' Here, Kahnman's Comedy Corner, Bofore Radio, Ed's Mixed Bag, The Mad Music Archive, Mad Music Dementia Top 20,, David's Top 10, Dalecast, Comedy Music Cellar, Tone Deaf Radio Show, and The Dr. Demento Show.

Special thanks to: Worm Quartet, Sudden Death, the great Luke Ski, Raymond and Scum, Brobdingnagian Bards, Carla Ulbrich, Marc Gunn, Power Salad, Project Sisyphus, Whimsical Will, Tyrone Kahn, Odd Austin Aeschliman, DJ Particle, Brett Eidman, Alex Whitmore, and Captain Wayne for their support.

And a big thank you for all of my fans for purchasing my now defunct Stupid Audio CDs and their support.

Also thanks to everybody who's on my Myspace page at

David Tanny
PO Box 19569
San Diego, CA 92159

Please visit,,, and for too much stuff to surf around in. Please purchase stuff from the Amazon box on the site to help me pay my bills so I can make more of my CDs. Thank you.

Under common law, the fair use doctrine, and the decisions of the Supreme Court, use of copyrighted material in parody is necessary, acceptable, and legal. Songs parodied on this CD (fair-use provision) remain the property of their copyright holders.

These parodies are credited to the original artists as follows listed by track number, as well as recognized tributes as noted:
2. Goin' Back to Cali - L.L. Cool J.
(opening lyrics are a parody of the song only)
(a different melody is used in the background)
4. I'm a Man - Bo Diddley
Composer: Ellas McDaniel (BMI)
Publisher: ARC Music Group (BMI)
6. Dead Puppies - Ogden Edsl
Composer: William J. Frenzer, Richard L. Thieman (ASCAP)
Publisher: Eyes of Dawn Publishing Co., Screen Door Music (ASCAP)
7. All Out of Love - Air Supply
(also pays a tribute to Dead Puppies above)
Composer: Clive J. Davis, Graham Russell (BMI)
Publisher: Nottsongs, Universal Music Careers (BMI)
10. Cars - Gary Numan
Composer: Gary Numan (BMI)
Publisher: Universal Songs of Polygram International Inc (BMI)
11. Mexican Radio - Wall of VooDoo
Composer: Stan Ridgway (?), Wall of Voodoo
Publisher: Big Talk Music (BMI)
14. tribute to Napoleon XIV
15. tribute to The Great White North with Bob and Doug McKenzie
16. lyrics parody Hello Mudduh - Allan Sherman
melody parodies Dance of the Hours - Amilcare Ponchielli
Publisher:public domain
18,24. I'm Getting Nuttin' For Christmas - Barry Gordon
Composer: Roy C. Bennett, Sid Tepper (ASCAP)
Publisher: Anne-Rachel Music Corporation (ASCAP)
20. Ragg Mopp - The Ames Brothers
Composer: Johnnie Lee Wills and Deacon Anderson (BMI)
Publisher: Unichappell Music Inc (BMI)
21. lyrics parody of Zilch - Monkees
(also pays tribute to Nervous Norvous)
(no melody is used)


YearTypeLabelCatalog # 
2008CD(Captain Wayne)


  • It's an album featuring comedy, dementia, sketches, rap, and parodies about pop culture, celebrities, life, driving, television, radio, booze, superheroes, fast food, and the holidays. If you're a fan of Ryan Seacrest's music shows, then you won't like this CD.

    David Tanny has produced his first official dementia release for retail. "Yes Parking Anytime" features 24 tracks of comedy, novelty, weird, commentary, and nerdcore.

    This CD contains some of the best tracks from the past remastered for 2008, plus several new tracks making their 2008 debut.

    Topics on this CD include radio, television, funny music, celebrities, superheroes, geek culture, holidays, driving, death, craziness, alcohol, commercials, and even a vintage 1973 recording.

    1. "No Place to Park" opens the CD and it's a comedy rap commentary on overcrowded parking lots and the businesses who don't get the rapper's business simply because there's no place to park his car. The businesses underestimated the number of parking spaces to include in their property.

    2. "Goin Back to L.A." celebrates the old days of driving 120 miles to Los Angeles to hear the Dr. Demento Show because the fan's hometown wouldn't carry the show on their radio stations in the fan's radio market. The driving trek takes place on a Sunday in 1981 when the Doc used to do a live four-hour show on a now-defunct radio station.

    3. "Tonight at 8" spoofs the television announcements by going out of control.

    4. "I'm a Pac-Man" was originally recored for 2007 but remixed for 2008. This song is sung in the first person by the dot-chomping character.

    5. "Watch The Frog" is a 2004 sketch on how I would deal if that annoying announcer on the radio tells me to "Watch The Frog" network, which is now defunct when it merged with UPN to form the CW network in 2006.

    6. "Dead Kennys" is a 2008 remix of the song originally produced in 1998. It's about a poor character who always got killed in the early episodes of the South Park cartoon series.

    7. "All Out of Pups" is a 2008 remix of the classic mashup of two ideas. The opening riff of Air Supply's 1980 song "All Out of Love" may have been inspired by Ogden Edsl's dementia classic from 1978 "Dead Puppies." This song is about a hapless dog lover who can't keep a puppy he buys from a pet shop from dying a horrible death.

    8. "Papa Yawn's Pizza" is a parody of a fast food pizza chain.

    9. "Nothing's On TV" laments that there's nothing for the rapper to watch on TV anymore as of 2007, and all of the great shows were produced in the past.

    10. "Bars Early Fade" is a 2008 remix celebrating going to a bar to drink and have fun.

    11. "Pirate Radio" celebrates the legacy of Free Radio San Diego 96.9, an illegal radio operation that went silent in late 2007 after five years of operation. This song also salutes the pirate radio operators who continue to give the legal radio stations headaches.

    12. "Thunderstreet" was actually conceived by the singer in his dreams as a child. Produced in 2007 after 40 years of conception, it was originally recreated to serve as the theme song for the "Mad Music Dementia Top 20" radio show hosted by David Tanny through the end of 2007, then revived by DJ Particle weeks later. It also serves as the closing theme song of Tanny's podcast "I Still Get Demented Podcast Edition."

    13. "Krazy Crackers" is a commercial parody of a popular snack and is announced by a man in a straitjacket, which leads us to this next track...

    14. "Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan", a rap about a man who goes insane thinking too much about the celebrity, then two men in the white coats put a straitjacket on him and take him to a mental hospital in a padded wagon. Also note that Lohan starred in two movies where she played two characters.

    15. "Hilary Duff Beer" opens with the chant that drove the man in the previous song crazy, then continues with two men from The Great Big North who talk about a celebrity named beer on their program. It serves as a tribute to Bob and Doug McKenzie and their show within a show on SCTV called "The Great White North", a cult favorite.

    16. "Hello, Mila (A Letter to Mila Kunis)" is the last of the three celebrity obsession comedy pieces for this CD. It's a lyrical parody of Allan Sherman's 1963 classic "Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh (A Letter From Camp Granada)" and uses the public domain composition "Dance of the Hours" as the melody.

    17. "I'm Doing Nothing Song Intro" is just the introuduction of the following song.

    18. "I'm Doing Nothing For Christmas 2008 Mix w Talking" is a 2008 remix of a song originally produced in 2004. It features a man who is so turned off by the holiday hype and commercialism that he decides to skip the holiday and do nothing for Christmas.

    19. "The Adventures of Humid Man" features a sweat-soaked superhero who helps the police save the day by fighting crime. This was inspired by working in a hot and stuffy place of business where the singer always drips in sweat due to the workplace's poor air conditioning system.

    20. "Starr Mopp Warrs" is a nonsense geekcore song shedding light on the Ames Brothers 1948 classic.

    21. "Zorch" is a lyrical parody of The Monkees' track "Zilch" and serves as a tribute to the late novelty singer Nervous Norvous.

    22. "Taco Hell" is remixed for 2008. It's a parody of a fast food restauraunt featuring a manager from the fires below.

    23. "Kentucky Fried Fingers" is a parody of another fast food restaurant featuring chickens that go psycho.

    24. "I'm Doing Nothing For Christmas 2008 Mix just talking" is simply the talk bits plus some extra talk bits not included in the song above.

    25. "Commercials (age 13)" was recorded in 1973 on a tape recorder.


  • This CD was officially released on Aug 19, 2008 (davidtanny)
  • Messages about the album: "Yes Parking Anytime"

    davidtanny   Offline  -  Artist & D.J.  -  12-06-08 11:54 AM  -  11 years ago
    error on link to Kentucky Fried Fingers page
    Stavro Arrgolus   Offline  -  Editor, MP3  -  12-06-08 12:08 PM  -  11 years ago
    I don't see it. The track 23 link leads directly to its song page (17436) but track 13 gives me a timeout error. Sent Wayne the message.
    davidtanny   Offline  -  Artist & D.J.  -  12-06-08 03:24 PM  -  11 years ago
    Whoops. You're right. Got my food tracks mixed up.

    Stavro Arrgolus:
    I don't see it. The track 23 link leads directly to its song page (17436) but track 13 gives me a timeout error. Sent Wayne the message.
    Captain Wayne   Offline  -  Site Owner  -  12-08-08 03:16 PM  -  11 years ago

    I changed the query into a stored procedure with the exact same statements and now it works.


    Anyway - fixed.

    error on link to Kentucky Fried Fingers page
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