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Album Details

Disc: 1

  1 Laughin Cryin Blues
  2 Your Time Now (Twill Be Mine After a While)
  3 Taint Nobodies Bizness If I Do
  4 Papa, Betta Watch Your Step
  5 You Cant Do What My Last Man Did
  6 Midnight Blues
  7 Dont Try to Take My Loving Man Away
  8 Clearing House Blues
  9 Do It! Mister So and So
  10 If I Could Be With You One Hour Tonight
  11 Squeeze Me
  12 Eighteenth Street Strut
  13 Do It! Mister So and So
  14 Dont Try to Take My Loving Man Away
  15 Jail House Blues
  16 Clearing House Blues
  17 If I Could Be With You One Hour Tonight
  18 Fats Waller Stomp
  19 Savannah Blues
  20 Wont You Take Me Home?
  21 New Kind of Man With a New Kind of Love for Me

Disc: 2

  1 Im Coming Virginia
  2 Nobody But My Baby (Is Getting My Love)
  3 Hes Gone Away
  4 Red Hot Dan
  5 Gee Chee
  6 Please Take Me Out of Jail
  7 Minor Drag
  8 Harlem Fuss
  9 Baby, Oh Where Can You Be?
  10 Lookin Good But Feelin Bad
  11 I Need Someone Like You
  12 My Fate Is in Your Hands
  13 Lookin for Another Sweetie
  14 Ridin But Walkin
  15 Wont You Get Off It, Please
  16 When Im Alone
  17 Im Crazy Bout My Baby (And My Babys Crazy Bout Me)
  18 Armful O Sweetness
  19 Porters Love Song to a Chambermaid
  20 I Wish I Were Twins
  21 Do Me a Favour

Disc: 3

  1 Dont Let It Bother You
  2 Georgia May
  3 Have a Little Dream on Me
  4 Then Ill Be Tired of You
  5 Mandy
  6 Sweetie Pie
  7 Serenade for a Wealthy Widow 8 Youre Not the Only Oyster in the Stew
  9 How Can You Face Me?
  10 Lets Pretend Theres a Moon
  11 If It Isnt Love
  12 Honeysuckle Rose
  13 Im Growing Fonder of You
  14 Dream Man (Make Me Dream Some More)
  15 Believe It, Beloved
  16 Breakin the Ice
  17 African Ripples
  18 Im a Hundred Percent for You [Vocal Version]
  19 Im a Hundred Percent for You [Instrumental]
  20 Baby Brown [Vocal Version]
  21 Baby Brown [Instrumental]

Disc: 4

  1 Oh Susanna (Dust Off That Old Pianna)
  2 Whats the Reason? (Im Not Pleasin You)
  3 Whose Honey Are You?
  4 Lulus Back in Town
  5 Dinah
  6 Somebody Stole My Gal
  7 Take It Easy
  8 Theres Going to Be the Devil to Pay 9 Christopher Columbus
  10 Big Chief de Sota
  11 Its a Sin to Tell a Lie
  12 Curse of an Aching Heart
  13 Bye Bye Baby 14 Swingin Them Jingle Bells
  15 Hallelujah, Things Look Rosy Now
  16 Thousand Dreams of You
  17 Every Days a Holiday
  18 I Love to Whistle
  19 Something Tells Me
  20 Hold My Hand
  21 In the Gloaming
  22 Lets Break the Good News

Fats Waller and His Rhythm

By: Fats Waller




YearTypeLabelCatalog # 
2002CDEmber [Tko Magnum]


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