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Album Details

Disc: 1

  1 Opening
  2 Give Me A Moment Please
  3 Eddie Cantor
  4 Carolina Moon
  5 Whoopee/Kid Boots/The Ziegfeld Folllies: Eddie Cantor Memories Medley
  6 Eddie Cantor For President
  7 Whoopee: My Baby Just Cares For Me
  8 Humoresque
  9 Goin To Town
  10 Dunkin Cantor
  11 Potato Pancakes
  12 Sweet & Lovely
  13 Eddies Plan
  14 Its The Girl
  15 Lil Liza Jane
  16 Elegie
  17 Minnie The Moocher
  18 Ive Found A New Baby
  19 Give Me A Moment Please
  20 The Kid From Spain: What A Perfect Combination
  21 If I Only Had A Five Cent Piece
  22 All American Girl
  23 Get Yourself A Girl & Fall In Love
  24 The World Owes Me A Loving
  25 Get A Little Fun Out Of Life
  26 One Hour With You

Disc: 2

  1 Opening
  2 Roman Scandals: Keep Young & Beautiful
  3 Auctioneer
  4 Alice In Wonderland
  5 Hunting For Jokes
  6 Waiting For The Robert E. Lee
  7 Annie Doesnt Live Here Anymore
  8 Judge Cantor
  9 One Hour With You
  10 Eddie In Hospital
  11 Roll Out Of Bed with A Smile
  12 Uncle Rubinoff
  13 I Raised My Hat
  14 Repeals
  15 Those Were Wonderful Days
  16 Youre Gonna Lose Your Gal
  17 Eddie The Nudist
  18 One Hour With You

Disc: 3

  1 Opening
  2 The Rest Is History
  3 Inflation
  4 Dinah
  5 Judge Cantor
  6 Roman Scandals: Build A Little Home
  7 Puddin Head Jones
  8 Rancher Cantor
  9 One Hour With You/Give Me A Moment Please
  10 Opening
  11 Its Wonderful Weather For Love
  12 Those Eddie Cantor Eyes
  13 The North Pole
  14 Hes A Colonel From Kentucky
  15 Eddie Your Sweetheart
  16 (Little Sing A Lee) Sing A Low Down Tune
  17 Rubinoff vs. Rubinoff
  18 One Hour With You

Disc: 4

  1 Opening
  2 Im Living On Love
  3 The Professors Inventions
  4 Jimmy Had A Nickel
  5 Memory Course
  6 Palooka: Count Your Blessings
  7 Santa Cantor
  8 One Hour With You/Give Me A Moment Please
  9 Cantors On First
  10 Youre In My Power (Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!)
  11 Literally
  12 Margie
  13 Cantor The Salesman
  14 Alice In Wonderland
  15 Cantors Coffee Commercial
  16 (Were Gonna Have) A Happy New Year (All Year Round)
  17 Eddie The Doctor
  18 One Hour With You/Give Me A Moment Please

Chase and Sanborn Radio Show [Live]

By: Eddie Cantor




YearTypeLabelCatalog # 
2000CDOriginal Cast Record


Messages about the album: "Chase and Sanborn Radio Show [Live]"

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