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Topic: Justin Bieber (a parody of Mistletoe)

artpaul   Offline  -  Artist  -  03-13-14 01:54 PM  -  6 years ago
It's the most awkward time of the year
Lights from the police car are coming near
Fans hope I'll be singing my music at a show
But I was drunk driving so in jail I did go

Say don't they know who I am
I'm Justin Bieber more important than them
How dare they arrest me for such a minor flaw
Don't they know that I'm above the law

Hey I'm a Rock Star
Hey I'm a Rock Star
So why can't I illegally drunk drive my car

All the young girls are gawking at the news
Their favorite young pop star has got the blues
But it's no ones fault but his own
Getting in trouble he deserves to moan

Word on the street he'll do it again
Some people never learn their foolish my friend
But I pray that maybe he'll find the Lord
Before he ends up in Jail 10 times more

Hey it's Justin Bieber
Hey it's Justin Bieber
Coming to our jail once more

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