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Tim P. Ryan's Blog

Topic: I went through Hell yesterday!

Tim P. Ryan   Offline  -  Participant, MP3  -  09-10-09 02:45 PM  -  10 years ago
I went through Hell yesterday!

Hell, Michigan. Where I went to observe 6/6/06 activities. Where they expected maybe 333 people that day and about 3,333 shown up. So yesterday, 9/9/09 is like upside down 666 and halfway to 12/12/12. They did not have any plans for 9/9/09.

Turns out Hell went through hell yesterday! They had a town wide power failure thanks to a tree limb coming down on a power transformer. They did not get power back until after 3pm. I was there around 3:30pm to discover the Dam Site Inn was closed. No beer in Hell today. Okay, get some new pictures of the dam and check out Screams ice cream and souvenir shop. I think there was a mass of about 9 people around at the time. The shopkeeper was not ready to sell the ice cream because it was soft from the power outage. I talked her into a few scoops anyway, as I came to see an ice cream cone's chance in Hell, but got it in a bowl. Hersey's Strawberry Fields seemed like the right flavor for the day. Talked with others in the store. They are traveling in the state, and the shopkeeper and myself made them aware of Paradise, Michigan in da Upper Peninsula, eh; since it would probably be near their travels. Proceeded outside to rather nice temperatures and watched my ice cream melt in Hell and finished it off.
I took a different route home to travel a bit more on The Highway to Hell. Okay, was coming home right in the middle of Ann Arbor's rush hour, it's own little hell.

Hell will have fun stuff going on all Saturday's of October, including Creepy Clyde's music after 3pm and bonfire with storytelling after dusk, starting around 7 to 8pm. The recently new Putt-Putt Gulf will be open all day.

Member Comments:

peterpuck9   Offline  -  Participant  -  09-11-09 01:18 AM  -  10 years ago
Sounds like a helluva good time. I went to Hell, Grand Cayman but it was not half as exciting.
Dave AuJus   Offline  -  Artist & D.J.  -  09-10-09 04:23 PM  -  10 years ago
Helluva story Tim. Glad you had some fun in Hell.

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