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Epic Pop Song Tutorial - Key of Awesome, The
Summer Breeze, The - They Might Be Giants
Dr. Pepper - Carla Ulbrich feat. Steve Goodie
Let There Be Light - Nuclear Bubble Wrap
Bouillon Girl - Blaydeman
On the Phone Again - Skip Briggs
Dread Gazebo, The - Beth Kinderman
Munchkins - Beth Kinderman & The Player Characters
Galaxy Song - Stephen Hawking
Frozen Lullaby - Garfunkel & Oates
Cyndi Lauper Medley - Seth MacFarlane
Benedict Cumberbatch - Insane Ian
Hawkeye Sings About His Super Powers - Jeremy Renner
Kyle and Luke Talk About Toons Theme - TV's Kyle feat. Luke Ski
Baby One More Time (Pregnancy Announcement) - Vintage Marquee Lights
Rednecks in Space - Groundhogcow
My Dog Never Multi-Tasks - Steve Goodie
Hulkbuster - Adam WarRock
Fury Road - Insane Ian feat. Bonecage
87 Bites - Defmatch
Tile/CDSW vs. Cedric Gervais - Blasted Bill Putt
A Trip to Jurassic World - Chris Wolvie
(She's On) Pinterest - Dino-Mike
Gul'dan's Milkshake - Kavo
Puggie I'm Good - Letomi
Tuesday's Song Is Not Posted - Darren Chraplak
Mary's Lamb - Darren Chraplak
Canadian Rap Diss - College Humor
What I Want For Father's Day - Holderness Family, The
This is Nerdcore - Young Stroke
We Don't Play Five Nights At Freddy's - Darren Chraplak
I Will Gladly Pay You Tuesday (For A Hamburger) - Darren Chraplak
Gimme a (Relentlessly) Gay Garden - Christopher Winchester
Bear Maximum - TV's Kyle feat. Lindsay Smith
When The Sharks Come Swimming In - Darren Chraplak
Birds vs. Clash Rap Battle - JT Machinima
Abby Normal - Luke Ski
DiG DuG - Insane Ian
Bad Blood Parody - Bart Baker feat. Klarity
Photographs - Mippey5
Mad Titan, The - Adam WarRock
Healing Pants, The - Myndflame
My Blouse - Carrie Dahlby
Mad Music Top 20 Revenge, Episode 15-25, June 19, 2015
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