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I Still Get Demented #03-48 November 18, 2003
Topic: Hunting

This show has 1 part:

Part 1
I'm Not a StalkerTwo Chicks and a Casio
Man, It's So Loud In HereThey Might Be Giants
Pinball WizardRichard Trible
Calculator LoveLogan Whitehurst
Dirty LoveFrank Zappa and The Mothers
The Lumanian Love SongBarnes and Barnes
Cartoon AnimalsHeywood Banks
Pac-Man FeverBuckner and Garcia
King of Suede"Weird Al" Yankovic
  • -
  • ep308: Emile Gives O.B. and Indian a Brain Transplant  [first known play]The O.B. Ranger
    Late Night with Letterman  [first known play]Robomusic
    Rubber BiscuitThe Blues Brothers
    Soul Man  [first known play]The Blues Brothers
    Beatle RapThe Qworymen
    Beep BeepThe Playmates
    Italian FoodPower Salad
    -Bob and Tom
    Very Short Books  [only known play]Tom Tuerff
    Dog Named BobThe Arrogant Worms
  • -
  • All I Wanna Do Is Shoot Some Guns  [only known play]The great Luke Ski
    Let There Be GunsThe Arrogant Worms
    Trigger Happy"Weird Al" Yankovic
    Yahoo ResortMr. Elk and Mr. Seal
    Da Turdy Point BuckBananas at Large
    The Second Week of Deer CampDa Yoopers
    The Hunting SongTom Lehrer
    Daffy Duck's RhapsodyMel Blanc
    I Shot Bambi's MotherThe Frantics
    Let's Shoot Dove  [only known play]Cledus T. Judd
  • -
  • Kill the WabbitMark McCollum
    Rabbit ValleyThe Four Postmen
    Wappin'Darrell Hammond and Christopher Snell
    Yosemite SamMel Blanc
    Deerslayer  [first known play]Ray Stevens
    The Second Week of Deer Camp IIDa Yoopers
    Turdy Point Buck II (Da Sequel)Bananas at Large
    Cows With GunsDana Lyons
    Kill The Backstreet BoysTony Goldmark
    It's Time for Killin' BarneyCapitol Steps
  • -
  • Chicquito War  [only known play]Da Yoopers
    DoctorsJerry Seinfeld
    It's Hell  [only known play]Art Paul Schlosser
    Little Willy  [first known play]Sweet
    -Bill Engvall
    On The Internet  [first known play]Sean Morey
    -The Foremen
    -You Don't Know Jack Players
    NASa and Alabama and Fishing Shows  [only known play]Jeff Foxworthy
    -Ray Stevens
    On The Internet  [first known play]Sean Morey
  • -
  • Corn  [only known play]Sean Morey
    -Robin Williams
    Mother Goose's WineNational Lampoon
    Middle Class Educated Blues  [only known play]Robert Klein
    My Cat Was Taking a Bath  [only known play]Art Paul Schlosser
    -You Don't Know Jack Players
    Sometimes I Forget  [first known play]Larry Weaver
    The Mississippi Squirrel RevivalRay Stevens
    -Ron White
    Sex, Drugs and RRSPs  [only known play]The Arrogant Worms
    Va Va Va Voom  [first known play]Art Carney
    -Woody Allen
    My Name is LarryWild Man Fischer
    People's CourtRay Stevens
  • -
  • Your Brain Fell OutLogan Whitehurst and The Junior Science Club
    Along Came LarryAllan Lieberman
    Bark-OffJeff Ehrhart
    976 DogYou Don't Know Jack Players
    The Birthday Cake PolkaSheriff John
    Games Rednecks Play  [only known play]Jeff Foxworthy
    -Brobdingnagian Bards

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