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Captain Wayne's Mad Music Show, Episode #115, July 20, 2008
Topic: Computers

This show has 6 parts:

Part 6
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Server GirlLoose Bruce Kerr
UnhackableBob Ricci
Still a NerdTom Smith
#3Still Alive  [first known play]Ellen McLain
#2MySpaceJake Waters
#1Code MonkeyJonathan Coulton
Next week: The 1980's


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Messages about the show: "Captain Wayne's Mad Music Show, Episode #115, July 20, 2008"

oddaustin   Offline  -  Artist & D.J.  -  07-20-08 10:24 PM  -  12 years ago
Thank you so much for playing Tom (Demo Version), Cap'n, and for the awesome complements!
Captain Wayne   Offline  -  Site Owner  -  07-20-08 10:51 PM  -  12 years ago
Hey, no thanks necessary - you've earned them!

Sorry about not being able to get to that item we discussed via e-mail - too much work and too short a deadline for much. Perhaps soon?
davidtanny   Offline  -  Artist & D.J.  -  07-20-08 11:46 PM  -  12 years ago
This episode computes.

The next week part? I'm not so sure.

peterpuck9   Offline  -  Participant  -  07-21-08 02:31 AM  -  12 years ago
There is a problem with the Part 4 64k stream. After "Every OS Sucks" the stream playback is all garbled.
Captain Wayne   Offline  -  Site Owner  -  07-21-08 09:32 AM  -  12 years ago
Thanks Peter - fixed part 4 uploading now.
peterpuck9   Offline  -  Participant  -  07-21-08 02:09 PM  -  12 years ago
Ok, thanks.
Marcus Tee   Offline  -  Participant & Donator  -  07-24-08 04:24 AM  -  12 years ago
Thanks for not playing any George Carlin. Never really cared for the guy all that much.

Macus Tee
MattShizzle   Offline  -  Member  -  07-25-08 06:54 PM  -  12 years ago
I love that White Collar Holler song. Too bad it's impossible to find for download - even on iTunes.
Tiger   Offline  -  Member  -  07-27-08 12:21 AM  -  12 years ago
That White Collar Holler song is available at itunes... the album is Stan Rogers... Between The Breaks...Live!
MattShizzle   Offline  -  Member  -  07-27-08 01:46 AM  -  12 years ago
Thanks so much! I tried searching before and couldn't find it!
swiper   Offline  -  Member  -  07-29-08 05:07 PM  -  12 years ago
would like to hear some songs about driveing maybe from bob newheart ?? if u can fine the song called the canadian could u play it also.
lelkins   Offline  -  Member  -  08-05-08 10:35 AM  -  12 years ago
Just last night I sang "Fascination" for a 20's-30's hot dance band rehearsal prepping for a weekend gig. Today I finally get around to listening to the latest show, and hearing Alan Sherman sing "Automation" (same song, his words) has me rolling on the floor. What are the odds....

Thanks again for keeping up this podcast, however haphazard- it's a ray of sunshine in my life.....
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