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I Still Get Demented #03-19 May 19, 2003
Topic: new songs and requests, NOW FOUR HOURS LONG!!!

This show has 1 part:

Part 1
Urban MythHenry Phillips
Camptown Races  [first known play]Spike Jones and His City Slickers
Hey, X-Men!Whimsical Will
  • -
  • Coup D'EtatBilly Jonas
    Yam Boy  [first known play]Tim Cavanagh
    The Saga BeginsWeird Al Yankovic
  • -
  • Ballet  [only known play]Robin Williams
    Hip Hop Hoedown  [first known play]Larry Weaver
    Clean Up Your Room  [only known play]The Frantics
    I've Been Rejected  [only known play]Lucio Verbrado
    I Wish I Was A Comic Book  [only known play]Wildman Fischer
    ep202: Panama Red vs. Indian Ping Pong Match  [first known play]The O.B. Ranger
  • -
  • Correct English-Customer Service  [only known play]Suzanne Willett
    Mr. Plow  [first known play]The Simpsons featuring Homer/Lisa/Bart
    Too Much Information  [only known play]Rob Paravonian
    Real Girls on Video  [only known play]Bob and Tom
    The WedgieCarla Ulbrich
  • -
  • SpringRobin Williams
    Do The Wildman (and Other Dances)Wildman Fischer
    Grope Me Gently, Airport Security GuardLarry Weaver
    My Girlfriend's BackBob Ricci
    Shall We Walk Or Take A DogFreddy The Flea
  • -
  • Late TV  [only known play]Jerry Seinfeld
    Jane, Get Me Off This Crazy Thing!The Tee Vee Toons Master Mix
    Hardcore Weather Channel  [only known play]Larry Weaver
    They Stand Straight UpThe Mod-est Lads
  • -
  • Supermarkets  [only known play]George Carlin
    Reggae PopeyeMark McCollum
    Doctorin' the TardisThe KLF alias The Timelords
    Hungarian Dance No. 5Roto Rooter Band
  • -
  • Kindergarten of the StarsRobin Williams
    I Won't Grow UpThe Fools
    No One Thinks the Way I DoThe Four Postmen
    Unconscious Village: Last Days Sale  [first known play]Firesign Theatre
    God Is InBilly Jonas
    If I Had a Hammer  [first known play]Larry Weaver
    KB Bongs R Us  [only known play]Luke Ski's Psycho Potpourri
    Doggie Style  [first known play]Bob and Tom
    Hold My HandThe Rutles
    Keep On Churnin'  [only known play]Wynonie Harris with Todd Rhodes' Orchestra
    Unconscious Village: Wake UpFiresign Theatre
    Car NoisesThe Frantics
    Hard Drive  [first known play]Faust and Lewis
    Ode to PlayboyBob Ricci
    Mr. Whipple Commercial Goes Wrong  [first known play]National Lampoon
    PachelbelRob Paravonian
    Plots R Us  [first known play]"Weird Al" Yankovic
    REMember  [only known play]Corky and The Juice Pigs
    Looking Like a Lesbian  [first known play]Suzanne Willett
    Shake Hands With Your Uncle MaxAllan Sherman
    Who Put the Handles on the Can  [first known play]Stan Freberg
    Chicken FatRobert Preston
    Diet Riot  [first known play]Corky and The Juice Pigs
    Work With Me Annie  [first known play]The Royals
    Yellow SubmarineMilton Berle
    Game Show Love  [first known play]Ray Stevens
    No Sale No Store  [first known play]The Arrogant Worms
    Our Favorite Martian  [only known play]Bobby Fuller and Fanatics
    Take Life A Little Easier  [only known play]Rodney Allen Rippy
    The Backwards Alphabet  [only known play]Soupy Sales
    Them Moose GoosersMason Williams

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