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General Hi - Lizzy's the name and getting busy is the game. I am a classically traind musician who through the years has learned that getting gigs as a soloist is quite challenging. Fortunately I have a terrific singing voice and have been gainfully employed as a cruise ship singer and picked up some much appreciated dep work in studios.
Music Like Bertie Bassett - ALL SORTS
Movies Cabaret Singing in the Rain
Television ..Got Talent The Voice (US and UK) Songs of Praise
Books Lyric sheets Bios and Autobiographies of respected people.
Heroes Getting More Work For a Singer

I was recently asked in an audition what was the most difficult aspect of getting paid work as a singer.

Well, my response was probably a surprise when I explained that it seemed that the only way to get work was to join booking agencies who would then take a hefty commission from your bookings.

It was illuminating when one of the experience panel mentioned that there are now some booking platforms that do not charge commissions or take booking fees. They simply require a modest membership subscription and then allow you to create a professional profile at the same time helping you learn how to optimise it for better internet search performance.

Who are these platforms?

First up I am happy to share my experience with Entertainers Worldwide.

They have a growing presence in Google and I came upon them looking for jobs for female singers - the search result took me to an impressive page of job listings for auditions and gigs both locally and around the world.

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