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Duration: 3:58 (Lazoo) 
Release Date: 1983  (Lazoo) 
Lyrics By: Lory Lazarus & Stuffy Shmitt (Lazoo) 
Music By: Lory Lazarus & Stuffy Shmitt (Lazoo) 
Produced By: Peter Fish (Lazoo) 
Released By: LaZOO (Lazoo) 
Published By: Lazoo Music, ASCAP (Lazoo) 
Licensing: ASCAP  #450542897 (Lazoo) 
  • This is the song that was banned by Henny Youngman. (Lazoo)
  • Song Lyrics:
    Obey Godzilla

    © 1983 Lory Lazarus & Stuffy Shmitt

    I woke up this morning --
    I scratched my ass.
    I drank some water
    Out of a glass.

    I went to work,
    I ate some lunch,
    At twelve o'clock
    I felt the crunch --

    Obey Godzilla
    Obey Godzilla
    Obey Godzilla.

    I walked in the door --
    It smelled like fish.
    I saw my dog
    Dead in his dish.

    And out my window
    There was a claw --
    It was big and green:
    That's what I saw.

    Obey Godzilla
    Obey Godzilla
    Obey Godzilla.

    I tried to sleep.
    I couldn't sleep.
    I got out of bed
    For something to eat.

    The kitchen was messy.
    It was full of fur,
    And tiny pieces
    Of Raymond Burr.

    Obey Godzilla
    Obey Godzilla
    Obey Godzilla...

    Current Rating 9.8 (1 vote)
    Played on 1 show:
    06-07-98, #98-23
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