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I'm Dreaming Of A White Trash Christmas 
By: Sean Morey
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Song Lyrics:
I'm dreaming of a white trash Christmas
Just like the ones I used to know
Where the Spandex glistens
And teeth are missing
And kids are making yellow snow

I'm dreaming of a white trash Christmas
The Wal-Mart wine is gonna flow
There'll be a fist fight under the mistletoe
Our last reunion was on the Jerry Springer show

I'm having nightmares about Grandma's tube-top;
That thing gets lower ev'ry day
And, if the pick-up works,
We'll go to church
Shooting road signs on the way

Dad used to carve the Christmas corndogs
Some Cheez Whiz made the season bright
And Mom made us homemade tatoooooooos
That said, "Merry Christmas to...Y'ALL!"
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12-10-00, #00-50
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