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Parody of Any Man Of Mine by Shania Twain (S. Twain/R. Lange) Loon Echo Music (BMI)/Zomba Enterprises (ASCAP)
New lyrics by Cledus T. Judd and Cris Clark, La-Po Music (BMI)/Chris Clark Publishing Designee.

This is what Cledus T. wants...

If Shania was mine
Wouldn't be proud of me
Couldn't hardly blame her
Cuz I'm so derned ugly
But on our first date
We could have a good time
If I got her on the moonshine

If Shania was mine
Say it fit just right
Though my polyester suit was just a little too tight
And there's no way
I'd have a bad hair day
Cuz I'd buy a new toupee'

Oh, I'd love to seduce her
But she married her producer
Now all I do is pray, pray, pray!
She'll get a deevorce someday

If Shania was mine
I'd probably lose my mind
If she only squeezed me, teased me
Pleased me one good time
And if she only knew
All the things I'd do
I'd be the lawn mowin', crop growin'
Tater peelin', house cleanin' kind
If Shania was mine

Ha huh

If Shania was mine
She'd have to agree
Can't no one cook road kill better than me
Add a dozen mountain oysters and some old fatback
She'd say 'Mmm, I like it like that' cha...
Now all I do is wonder
Whose bed have her boots been under
I wish she'd hadda been mine
Now I whine, whine!
That girl is so doggone fine

If Shania was mine
I think I'd go slap blind
Starin' at her yummy little tummy
And her booty shakin' round behind
And if she only knew
All the things I'd do
I'd be the lawn mowin' crop growin'
Tater peelin' house cleanin' kind
If Shania, if Shania, if Shania,
If Shania, if Shania (ACK HACK)

Now was that Mutt Lange or Deewight Yokel

When she shimmies and shakes
It's more than I can take
Oh, what she does to me in them videos
Wife's gonna leave me if I don't explain
What I see in Shania Twain
I'd love to see her in a magazine
Centerfold, if you know what I mean
Oh me-a oh my-a
I wish that Shania
Would buy me a house in South Carolina
Two, four, six, eight, nine
Oh, I wish that Shania was mine!
he he he huh huh
Want to be a gal of mine...
(I B Emerson)
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Played on 3 shows:
04-25-13, #ISGD-13-1711-03-96, #96-44
07-07-03, #ISGD-03-26
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