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They Don't Make Nun Names (Like That No More) 
By: Tommy Sharp & The Sharptones
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Duration: 2:50 
Release Date: 1978  (DJ Particle) 
Lyrics By:
Music By:
Produced By:
Released By: Sharptone Records (CapSuper) 
Published By:
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Song Lyrics:
Sister Mary Contadina
Sister Mary Argentina
Sister Mary Guacamole
Sister Mary Ravioli

They don't make nun names
Like that no more
No more cool nun names
That's for sure
Times have changed
Nuns use their real names today
But I miss those old nun names
Sister Bob and Sister Ray

Sister Mary Incarnata
sister Mary Philomena
Sister Mary Rutabega
Sister Mary Himalaya

Yeah, I remember my Math teacher - Sister Mary Hypotenuse
Yeah, in Biology it was Sister Mary Aorta
Latin, Sister Mary Caesar
In Gym class, it was Sister Mary Coach
Yeah, my Shop nun was Sister Mary Black & Decker
And of course the Principal, Sister Mary Hermann Goering
Yeah, I tell ya:
They don't make nun names like that no more

Sister Mary Argelorie
Sister Mary Cacciatore
Sister Mary Isabella
Sister Mary Mozzarella

They don't make nun names
Like that no more
No more cool nun names
That's for sure
Times have changed - yeah, guys
Nuns use their real names today
But I miss those old nun names
Sister Bob and Sister Ray

Yeah, where have you gone, nuns of yesteryear?
Yeah, the Assistant Principal, Attila The Nun
Yeah, Sister Mary Rasputin - I hope you haven't shaved your beard
Yeah, my Anthropology nun, Sister Mary Bigfoot
My Music teacher, Sister Mary Ocarina - boy, she could play it all: blues, jazz, disco...
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Messages about the song: "They Don't Make Nun Names (Like That No More)"


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(New Message)
Jerseygirl   (Offline)  -  Member  -  06-23-11 04:57 PM  -  59 months ago
I need to get a copy of this record. Please contact me at heniap@gmail.com.
(New Message)
Tim P. Ryan   (Offline)  -  Participant, MP3  -  08-26-08 10:04 AM  -  92 months ago
Ah, that's why it got played.
(New Message)
peterpuck9   (Offline)  -  Participant  -  08-26-08 01:18 AM  -  92 months ago
I thought about the song because of the Italian priest that wants to hold a nun beauty pageant.

(New Message)
Tim P. Ryan   (Offline)  -  Participant, MP3  -  08-25-08 08:28 PM  -  92 months ago
I take it you heard it this morning on Dick Purtan (WOMC). I checked the web page, thinking they might have put it under their podacst section, but I don't see it there. It's about 30 years old.
Strange, they have been playing funny songs without having to keep the mic open and laughing along as it plays recently. Hopefully they do it more.

(New Message)
Spyguuy76   (Offline)  -  Member  -  08-25-08 06:33 PM  -  93 months ago
Where can I get the complete song?
(New Message)
Stavro Arrgolus   (Online)  -  Editor, MP3  -  04-13-08 09:40 PM  -  97 months ago
The lyrics belong on this song page. If they aren't here, it's because no one's added them yet. There are tens of thousands of song pages here and only a small fraction are filled out completely. Since it's been played on a show here, it's streamable (in 128k or 64k) for free. Just read the 'listening to shows' section of this- www.themadmusicarchive.com/tmmahelp.aspx
(New Message)
NinjaMom   (Offline)  -  Member  -  04-13-08 09:32 PM  -  97 months ago
I just got an account on this site and can't figure out how to access the song and/or lyrics for "They Don't Make Nun Names like that No More," or how to buy it if available. My daughter is finishing her freshman year at a great Catholic high school and this song is the perfect thing to play over the student radio program in the am. Help!
(New Message)
mrswhatsit   (Offline)  -  Member  -  07-06-07 08:51 AM  -  106 months ago
I want to thank everyone who has contacted me about this song. I received it and passed it on to my friend who is now driving everyone nuts with it.
Such a great community of people here. From this end, we are all amazed and grateful to you all. You made an old Doo-Wopper very happy.

All my best...
(New Message)
mrswhatsit   (Offline)  -  Member  -  07-01-07 04:59 PM  -  106 months ago
I need to find a copy of this song for a friend of mine who is in very poor health and used to love this song. Please contact me at dmf_ky@yahoo.com
I thought I had the 45, but I can't find it. Please help.

Thank you.

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