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6 Minute ISGD Pre-Show, The
Let's Talk Dirty in Hawaiian - John Prine
Scotsman, The - Bryan Bowers (written by Mike Cross) - Firesign Theatre
Darwin Breweries
Set 1:
Batman Theme - Neal Hefti
Batman Theme - Who, The
That Man - Peggy Lee
Batman And His Grandmother - Dickie Goodman
Joker Is Wild, The - Jan And Dean
Riddler, The - Frank Gorshin
Set 2: 2015 was the Year of the Commercial Parody!
Join The Book Club 3 - George Carlin
Darnitol - Greg "Eggman" Moore
Bush Quits! - Killer Spam (aka John Mammoser)
Mike Camboni's Driving School For The Blind - No Holds Barred Radio
Roach Brothel, The - NBC's Saturday Night Live
Joe Brackne (Auto Dealer) - Stevens And Grdnic - You Don't Know Jack Players - NBC's Saturday Night Live
Wart On Lip
Smart Car
Viagra Mints Chewing Gum
Set 3:
Weekend Update September 25, 1976
Bat to The Future - Wally Wingert
Batman Theme Song With Real Bats - Ulrich Seidel, Sándor Seuntjens, And Wolter Seuntjens - Stan Freberg
Shuderberg And Kurdle Song And Dance Men!
Set 4:
Batdance (TV Mix) - Prince
Bat Dance - Mike Toomey
Miranda - Adam West
Set 5:
Ratman And Bobbin In The Clipper Caper - Brothers Four, The
Bat Tire - David Tanny
Batman to the Rescue - LaVern Baker
Batman! - Jan & Dean
Set 6:
Boy Wonder - Carla Ulbrich
Boy Wonder I Love You - Burt Ward (featuring Frank Zappa)
Adam West - Wally Wingert And The Caped Club
Story Of Batman, The - Adam West
Closing Song:
1960's Batman Theme (Album Version)
14 Minute ISGD Bonus Part:, The
Free For All
I Thaw Her Standing There (The Harrooning Song) - Heywood Banks
Judy In Disguise (With Glasses) - John Fred And His Playboy Band - Lenny Bruce
Discovery, The
Japanese Kidnapped My Son, The - Johnny Jones - No Holds Barred Radio
Benny The Dog in Toxic Waste
I Still Get Demented #16-02 January 9, 2016
Topic: The 50th Anniversary of ABC's Batman TV Series


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