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6 Minute ISGD Pre-Show, The
Pancreas - "Weird Al" Yankovic
Nurny Creed - Gary Owens
Set 1:
An Agnostic Gospel Song - Steve Goodie Featuring Andy Corwin
We Are All Bat People - Schmoyoho Featuring Vlog Brothers
Stinking Hills Country Club - David Tanny
We're Here For Beaubrick - Groucho Marx
Set 2: 2015-The Year Of The Commercial Parody!
Overweight Barbie - The American Comedy Network - You Don't Know Jack Players
Shirley Gigolo
Today Tonight Tomorrow - SCTV Players
Kamikaze X S - The American Comedy Network
Stretch Marks - NBC's Saturday Night Live Featuring Gilda Radner
Ace Garden Snail Company - Rhino Brothers, The - NBC's Saturday Night Live - NBC's Saturday Night Live - NBC's Saturday Night Live
Set 3:
Weekend Update April 19, 1980
Franken and Davis Show April 5, 1980
Run-of-the-Mill Frankfurter - Stan Freberg
Set 4:
MySpace - Joshua Grosvent
MySpace - Matthew Hodgson (That One Guy)
Myspace Makes Me Happy - Maxwell's House
Myspace Baby - Taylormade And Rob B.
Set 5:
Myspace - Fresh, The
MySpace Love Song - Garrett Crosby
Myspace Song - Digital Laughter
Set 6:
Friends On Myspace - Steve Goodie
Ten Thousand Friends On Myspace - Project Sisyphus Featuring Bob Ricci
Closing Song:
Shy Boy
14 Minute ISGD Bonus Part:, The
Munchkins - Beth Kinderman and the Player Characters
(They're Going To All) Lose To You - Rocky Mountain Mike
We Will Survive - Marc James
My Blouse - Carrie Dahlby
I Don't Know Why There's a Bug In Here - TV's Kyle Featuring Lindsay Smith
Tuesday's Song Is Not Posted - Darren Chraplak
I Still Get Demented #15-19 May 2, 2015
Topic: More Internet Songs


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