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I Still Get Demented #13-11 March 16, 2013
Topic: Catching Up on Songs We Never Played Before

This show has 4 parts:

Part 1
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Set 1:
Acts of Parody  [only known play]Kathy Mar, Kristoph Klover, and Taunya Gren
Ali-Baba's CamelBonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band
Glenn Beck Easy Hang-Up  [only known play]David Tanny
Side 1 Track 1Monty Python's Flying Circus
Laughin' LouisLouis Armstrong and his Orchestra
My Doctor's A QuackSudden Death
Set 2:
My MonkeyJonathan Coulton
Rub Some Bacon On ItRhett and Link
So God Made A DJRick Rumble
Little Maggie  [only known play]Andy Griffith
I'll Lose WeightMax DeGroot
Set 3:
Log Trucks  [only known play]Brian Regan
Old Home Place  [only known play]Larry Groce
Happy Blues  [only known play]Hollywood Hucksters
My Baby Loves A Bunch Of AuthorsMoxy Fruvous
Knock Down The DoorThe Takeoffs
Wally Ballou visits a Ventriloquist Dummy Factory  [only known play]Bob & Ray
Part 2
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Set 4:
Weekend Update 1-27-1979 part 1Saturday Night Live
Kentucky Legislature Bans Gay Pet Weddings
Helium Manufacturers of America (featuring Rick Nelson)  [first known play]Saturday Night Live
Jocko Homo (SNL performance)Devo
Patrick McNally'sSamuel Stokes
Set 5:
Cylindrical Piano (Long) dnays verBonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band
Bad For Your BoneStrapped
More I Believes  [first known play]Bill Engvall
Set 6:
Mr. Bassman
Bubbling Brain CellsThe Fizzies
Muppet Show Theme Song album versionOK Go and The Muppets
Side 1 Track 2Not the 9 O'Clock News
Let's Get SillyInsane Ian
Part 4
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ISGD Bonus Part (not for broadcast)
Rock Me Jerry LewisTri-Five featuring Mike Elliott and Bud Latour
Mr. Duck (That's Donald!)Donald Duck (Peter Krause)
Der Kommissar  [first known play]Falco
Dumbledore's ArmySteve Goodie
Text (A Love Song)Raymond and Scum
Weekend Update 1-27-1979 part 2Saturday Night Live
Keep Smilin'
Kittens for SaleTV's Kyle
You Run Your MouthFats Waller and His Rhythm
Smooth OperatorSade
Next week: Catching Up on Songs We Never Played Before

Listing added by:  davidtanny

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Messages about the show: "I Still Get Demented #13-11 March 16, 2013"

davidtanny   Offline  -  Artist & D.J.  -  03-13-13 12:36 AM  -  5 years ago
Monty Python and Not the Nine O'Clock News were from the 1982 LP "The Laughing Stock of the BBC". It listed only the names of the artists as the tracks without the names of the songs. That's why I have "Side 1 Track 1" etc. for the titles of the songs. If anyone can help, please post.

BTW: in the Bonus Part, on the second break, you'll hear A-Log's promo for a March 15 event, which is why I made the March 16 show live earlier than usual.

It's ISGD policy to list fake commercials but not real commercials (plugs for my website, etc.) on the playlists.
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