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I Still Get Demented #04-61 December 27, 2004
Topic: The Top 50 of 2004 Part 1 of 2

This Weekly DFSX Top 9's top 50 of 2004 originally ran as two episodes of ISGD.

This show has 4 parts:

Part 2
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Outside the Top 50:
Title Of The Song  [first known play]Da Vinci's Notebook
Tiny RipplesDr. Steve and Fidgett
Ode to Larry the Cable Guy  [only known play]Freddy Potts
Memories of You  [only known play]Heywood Banks
Gotta Lose WeightTony Goldmark
#50:Coffee (2003 Grind)Worm Quartet
#49:you were wrong cabinet sanchez  [first known play]Worm Quartet
#48:Blondestar NABedit  [first known play]Elic Thomas
#47:Great Idea For A SongWorm Quartet
#46:Rental Cars  [only known play]Drunk and Disorderly
#45:Harry's WandSteve Goodie
#44:American Idiot George W Edit  [first known play]Green Day
#43:Don't Hear the BeeperSteve Goodie
#42:Richard Simmons Interview  [only known play]Richard Christy
#41:When Using a ChainsawFrozen Inertia
Part 3
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#40:The Golf Song  [only known play]The Arrogant Worms
#39:If They Found Me Dead  [first known play]Ken Turetzky
#38:Channel E  [first known play]Steve Goodie
#37:Jeopardy KenDave Lefkowitz
#36:Army CareersThe Frantics
#35:Today Was a Very Good DayKen Turetzky
#34:Working Where The Sun Don't Shine  [first known play]Drunk and Disorderly
#33:Elvis For President  [first known play]The Anti-Devil
#32:Sympathy For The TelevisionThe Torch Marauder
#31:I Am Man, Hear Me SnoreDrunk and Disorderly
#30:Take This Pump and Shove It  [only known play]Cliff and Company Players
#29:George Bush Can Kiss My TushIan Butler
#28:I Love NASCARCledus T. Judd (w/ Toby Keith)
#27:Vega-TablesBrian Wilson
#26:Head in the Freezer  [first known play]The Arrogant Worms
Part 4
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Set of songs of 2004 that did not make any Top 9 Survey:
PrednisoneCarla Ulbrich
Nursery Rhyme MoyelSteve Goodie
America  [first known play]Fast and Dirty
Tribal CouncilRyan Hopak and The Happy Chinchillas f/ Timothy Mank
Henry's Head  [only known play]Henry Phillips
Money  [only known play]Mister Joe
The Carbon Cycle  [first known play]Hard 'n Phirm
Get Off The Stage!The Four Postmen
Next week: The Top 50 of 2004 Part 1 of 2

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