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Lewie Wickham
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lewie wickham plays and writes music. and has for half a century
he started with his fathers band when he was twelve . his dad also lewie wickham playd banjo on radeo station WLS chacago in the thirtys.moved to new mexico for his health in 1933 died in 1981 lewie jr or the third recently recieved a lifetime achievement award from the goveners music commision .lewie started the lewie wickham trio with his younger brother Hank and bassman john Dagucon.in the early sixtys.lewie has recorded for five major laabels but has recently gone independent.he will be relesing his new comidy cd this month with halariouss tunes like ( gunsmoke and Kitty litter ) and ( what a waste of roses you turned out to be ) along with another dog song.lewie is rememberd for his rendition of( how come my dog dont bark when you come round

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Tawny   (Offline)  -  Member  -  07-12-10 07:47 PM  -  74 months ago
I use to sing with Hank and Lewie when they owned their bar 'Hank and Lewies" on San Mateo in the 70's... Glad he's still singing.

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