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Stupid Audio 6.0

By: David Tanny


This was supposed to be a CD-R release for 2008, but was canceled when the "Stupid Audio" series was dropped. For the fans who still want another "SA" release, this is now available in mp3 format on the MMA. Many of the newer songs have since been released on other Tanny CDs since "SA" was canned. This includes an original 1998 mix of "Dead Kennys" originally available on cassette and never released as an mp3 until now.davidtanny 


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  • Detailed Track Listing for "Stupid Audio 6.0"

    CD Jacket Liner Notes:

    Oh No! Not another David Tanny CD!

    The comedy CDs just don't stop. This is not only his sixth CD, it's also his second CD of 2008, and his third in a 12-month period.

    The fertile mind of David Tanny just keeps on coming up with really funny dementia at a time when radio continues to ignore comedy music.

    This "6.0" CD is full of fun, such as not only the 10th anniversary of his first modern-day dementia song, "Dead Kennys", based on a South Park character, he also includes the original bad 1998 version.

    This CD starts off with a tribute to Star Trek as a rap parody of the late Logan Whitehurst song "Robot Cat".

    Then, we go to dis Bank of America and have Buffy save some lives from a vampire bank teller gone mad.

    We reminisce about some Old Time TV Shows done as a parody of the Bob Seger hit "Old Time Rock and Roll."

    Then we can't find any place to park, we see a dead bug on the wall, and we find nothing to watch in modern day TV.

    We tune in Pirate Radio, a parody of the Wall of Voo Doo hit "Mexican Radio."

    We do a Ragg Mopp parody geek style with Starr Mopp Warrs.

    We do another tribute to a late dementia artist. Nervous Norvous with "Zorch". It's a parody of a Monkees track "Zilch."

    Ever been Caught in the Act?

    We update the CP/M computer system with a fake ad.

    We find a lady who can't run Microsoft Windows.

    And finally, we do another celebrity obsession novelty piece about someone we really like: Mila Kunis.

    This CD as well as "Stupid Audio 1.0", "Stupid Audio 2.0", "Stupid Audio 3.0", "Stupid Audio 4.0", "Rap With Howard", and "Stupid Audio 5.0" are available by going to

    01. Radio Jingle (2008) - a simulation of a one-second jingle that radio stations used to use way back then.

    02. Kirk Spock Bones (2008) - a parody of the late Logan Whitehurst hit "Robot Cat", but it's turned into a Star Trek rap and doesn't use the melody of Logan's song.

    03. Bank of America (2007) - is a parody of a song that we used to sing in Kindergarten in 1965. For some reason, I substituted Bank for the word Flag and the rest is history!

    04. Buffy the Vampire Teller Slayer (or the Sarah Michelle Gellar Rap) (2007) - an original rap song based on an original incident. One percent is true (you figure out whether that one percent is the part I meet Sarah Michelle Gellar.)

    05. Dead Kennys (2008 Mix No FX) - the 10th anniversary of this novelty song is resung but without the copyrighted sounds from season one of the South Park TV show.

    06. Old Time TV Shows (2007) - a parody of the Bob Seger classic, except with old time TV shows instead of rock and roll. We old geezers who knew when TV was better can relate to that.

    07. No Place to Park (2007) - no place to park? That's a major problem.

    08. Dead Bug (2008) - I wrote this when I saw a dead bug on the wall.

    09. Nothing's on TV (2007) - what's with all of the dreck that's on network TV in the post appointment TV era?

    10. Pirate Radio (2008) - a tribute to all of the pirate radio broadcasters in America that are hitting corporate radio where it hurts, especially longtime local San Diego pirate Free Radio San Diego at 96.9 FM.

    11. Starr Mopp Warrs (2008) - Ragg Mopp done with Star Wars characters.

    12. Zorch (2008) - a parody of the Monkees' track "Zilch" turned into a tribute to Nervous Norvous

    13. Caught in the Act (explicit) (2008) - ever had this happen to you?

    14. CP/M 21 (2007) - an original operating system gets a major overhaul for the 21st century!

    15. She Couldn't Run Microsoft Windows (2007) - written in 1998, this track is finally produced.

    16. Hello, Mila (2008) - a parody of a classical song done about a popular TV star of the 00s.

    17. Dead Kennys (1998) - the really bad original version of the song.

    18. Channel 3 Commercials - David Tanny at age 12 (1972) - a collection of commercials done when I was 12.

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